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Technologies: PowerBI, Azure SQL

Client: E-Commerce Website


Solution Results

  • No tools & systems to utilize the data collected from 7 country operations to track sales and improve profitability.

  • Requirement is to slice and dice data as per ever changing marketing needs. The speed and accuracy of insight is the key requirement of marketing team.

  • Built and maintain Azure SQL data to manage Sales data.

  • Built PowerBI Dashbaord to create reports & insight to meet Marketing team and Managements requirement.

  • Provide services to maintain and regularly update of Azure SQL database.

  • Maintenance & Create Insights for marketing as per their ever-changing business priorities.

  • The reports & Insights helped the company to have better visibility of weekly/monthly/ quarterly sales. It enables management to track sales vs annual target and reconsider sales strategy time to time.

  • Better visibility helped company to meet and exceed their sales in last three Financial Year.

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